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Reptile Connexion pride themselves in producing high quality investment pythons for future breeding projects, the family pet or first snake, and individuals only after that perfect display animal.

Who is Reptile Connexion?

Reptile Connexion was established in 2006 by Damian Hyde. Damian has kept many Australian reptile species since the mid 1980’s and became fascinated with them from an earlier age. Growing up at the base of the Blue Mountains, NSW he would go trekking to find as many reptiles as he could to watch as a past time. In later years Damian began keeping and breeding Australian species, which is when Reptile Connexion came to life.

Damian Hyde & Grant “TJ” Rothwell are two reptile enthusiasts located in Western Sydney, Australia, that have been involved with various reptiles for over 25 years. They bring their reptile experience to you through knowledge sharing, customer service and supply of healthy reptiles and rodents.

Reptile Connexion has a variety of Australian reptiles both locality specific species and designer morphs.

Please take the time to view our collection and available offspring, read through our genetic information and blog (RCNews), and send us an email with any questions or queries you may have

Our Collection

Our Collection

Over the past 15 years Reptile Connexion have collected and bred most of the Australian Pythons available in captivity, both locality specific species and for designer mutations.
With more focus on our designer mutation breeding programs, reptile connexion now only keep a selective type of species. These are:


Antaresia complex (Children’s Python family) are classified as the smallest of the Australian Pythons. The Antaresia sp. housed @ Reptile Connexion include:

  • Children’s Pythons (childreni): Ghost, T positive albino, Elcho Island
  • Stimson’s Pythons (stimsoni): NSW locality


These animals collectively make up a high percentage of our reptiles. The morelia sp (Carpet Python Complex) and their associated morphs housed @ Reptile Connexion include:

  • Green Tree Python (GTP): Australian and Aru localities.
  • Rough Scaled Python(RSP)
  • Centralian Carpet(Bredli): Wild type, Hypomelanistic, and Jaguar.
  • Diamond Python: Wild type:
  • Coastal Carpet Python: Wild type, Hypomelansitic, Jaguar, and Axanthic.
  • Jungle Carpet: Jaguar and Zebra.
  • Darwin Carpet: Wild type, Albino and Jaguar.
  • Cape York Carpet: Wenlock River & Archer River localities.


Children’s Python
These are the second smallest pythons in the world. They are from the northern part of Australia.  These pythons grow to about 3 feet and are easily housed. They make great starter pythons and are extremely easy to breed.
Reptile Connexion have a been breeding these for many years and have been fortunate enough to make some ‘world 1st’ morphs including the Ghost Tee, documented our finding on the Ghost genetics, and presented at mutation conferences and Herp societies on breeding genetic mutations of the Anteresia species.


Stimson’s python
various localities, patterns and mutation including NSW bold pattern, and NSW reduce pattern.


Green Tree Python (aka GTP)
The Green Tree Python is one of the most beautiful, outstanding and unmistakable python species in the world. They are a tropical species found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Iron Range Nation Park in Australia. They are a true arboreal species with an average adult size of approximately 4-5 feet in length and are considered to be fairly high maintenance compared to other Morelia species and are not recommended for beginners.


Rough Scaled Python (aka RSP)
The unique and inquisitive Rough-Scaled Python is a relative new comer to the captive world of reptiles and is the only python species in the world thus far to have keeled scales. It is a medium sized python reaching roughly 6 feet in length. RSP are restricted to the far northwestern Kimberley habitat in Western Australia. At this stage not much is known about the biology of this species, adding to the intrigue of working with this unique and mystifying python species.


Darwin Carpet Python
Darwin Carpet Pythons (aka Top End Pythons) are a beautiful carpet python from northwestern Australia that can grow up to 7 feet in length, and consist of a beautiful pattern with tan and black bands interspersed with orange and yellow.
Darwin carpets are one of the most common species of carpet python since being the first species of python to be available to public collectors & breeders with the albinism trait, unmasking the beautiful colours normally hidden underneath the darker exterior.
Albino Darwins have been a pandora’s box in regards to untapped potential in the morph market with the outcome of various morphs such as paradox, reduced pattern, high yellow, high white, albino jaguar, albino zebra and the sungow morphs.

Jungle carpets have a relatively small distribution in north Queensland and are a beautiful python reaching 4.5 to 7 feet in length.  Our Jungles are primarily form the Palmerston region in Australia, and are known for their small adult size (4.5ft) and vibrant yellow expressions.
Reptile Connexion currently have Jungle Zebra, and Jungle Jaguar mutations that are being utilised in our mutation projects.

Stimson’s python
various localities, patterns and mutation including NSW bold pattern, and NSW reduce pattern.


Stimson’s python
various localities, patterns and mutation including NSW bold pattern, and NSW reduce pattern.